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Ever since I was a little girl my father and I dreamt of opening our own candy store. When he passed in 2008 I decided to keep our passion going and to make our dream a reality. Many people get into the candy business for something to do. For me, that is certainly not the case! This business is VERY personal. I've been in love with candy ALL MY LIFE.  A huge thanks to my father Candy Man for his role in encouraging and inspiring my love for sweets. No one loves candy (sweets) more than I, I say that with the utmost respect to fellow candy lovers. (smile).

This candy store is not your "Normal/Typical" Candy store. In our store not only will you be taken on a journey back to many childhood memories surely to make you smile. In Candy Man's world, we have several different candy characters with a whole lot of personalities. WARNING! A sense of humor is a must. This Candy Store Brand is very edgy "we cuss a little". Our intentions are not to offend anyone, all we want to do is make you smile and laugh. This is our dream, and welcome to a glimpse of it. 

Love C.

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funny memory

When I was a kid I was put on punishment, and one of the ways to punish me was to tell me I couldn't listen to the radio or I couldn't have any Candy. I would FREAK OUT literally when those words came out of his mouth LOL. The good thing is, I always knew where my father hid the Candy bowl (smile) on top of the fridge. So, I would sneak out of my room at night when I felt everyone was asleep, and I would indulge in my MILK CHOCOLATE cravings. One night while eating those mouth-watering MALT BALLS (whoopers). TASTING SO GOOD TO MY SOUL (I was in the kitchen dancing literally).  My dad came out of his room with his belt and caught me MOUTH FULLLLL.  You could see the whoopers imprint in the jaw. My father (MEAN STRAIGHT FACE): What's in your mouth? I shrugged my shoulders scared.  I bust out crying. I reply: I couldn't help it,  they taste so good! With tears coming down my face. I knew I was getting a spanking. I started spitting them out. He said: What are you crying for? I replied: Because I'm going to get a spanking. He replied: Meet me in the room when you are done! I was so scared. I get into the room

( HEART BEATING FAST) and sat on the bed. He GIVES ME THE BOWL  and MY FATHER Says, SHHH. With his hand. Here baby, Eat as many as you can and go back to bed. SO that's how MR. MALT BALL  came about. XOXO

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